Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sexually frustrated Hong Kong women

A survey of 2146 Hong Kong women between the ages of 21 and 40 revealed that 40% of them had never had an orgasm, and that 31.8% were cold towards sex. 

A sex therapist says the problems are probably because of their heavy workload and lack of sexual knowledge.

From the South China Morning Post, April 5, 2014

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Orgasms and Chinese wives

The first Chinese girlfriend I had, about 30 years ago, had been married for a few years when I met her. She was from Yunnan and came to the USA for higher studies. She told me that she never enjoyed sex with her husband. During intercourse, she would lie on her side reading a book while he entered from the rear. He would ejaculate quickly and leave, and that was that. When this woman first had an orgasm, with me, she couldn't even describe the pleasure!

I met the second Chinese woman, in her thirties, about 20 years ago. She was from Beijing and had been married for sometime, and had a child. She, too, had her first orgasm with me. All these years later, I still recall her perplexity at what was happening to her. I paraphrase: "Why is that I never get wet when I am with my husband, but always get wet when I am with you?"

The third woman, my current girlfriend is from Guandong Province. Also in her mid-thirties, she had been with her husband for 13 years and has one child. She is the most sensual woman I have known, eager for affection and with an exquisite way of touching me. She loves to be on top and reaches orgasm every time, often at least twice. She recently told me that she never "came" with her husband. Sex with him was painful because his penis was "huge". For some strange reason, this woman thought that her husband's ejaculation was the height of her pleasure, too! She had never been on top with him, nor had he ever entered her from the rear (a position she loves). Both this woman and her husband are well educated with the highest qualifications in their respective fields.

What's with Mainland Chinese men?

Sunday, April 14, 2013


A blog that was started as a personal journal is attracting readers from all over. The audience stats are

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

Hong Kong
United States
United Kingdom

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A visit to MiMi - May 18, Wednesday

On the way, about 30 minutes before reaching her place, I call her as usual. She does not pick up the phone, which is unusual. So I don't not take the viagra and ride the MTR to Tin Hau. I call again and she answers with a "Good Morning". I say I would be there in 10 minutes and she says "OK". I gulp down a viagra and walk down Electric Road, stopping on the way to buy a slab of chocolates for MiMi.

The "Welcome" sign is on the door. She is fully dressed because she may have just returned from lunch. She is happy when I take a gift, chocolates or flowers, or some spring rolls. Today was hot, so I sit on her armchair and rest for a while. The air conditioner is humming softly, the string of multicolored miniature lights are on. She begins to take off her clothes. Taking the initiative, I kiss her belly. Surprised, she giggles. I am not aroused. Maybe the viagra didn't have enough time to take effect. The time is about 12.10.

MiMi gives a slow, soothing, wash down. She takes her time, first the front, washing, lathering, and gently feeling and squeezing the crotch. I like this. She turns me around and washes my back, putting her hand through my crack, which I enjoy. Today, her toilet has soap, mouthwash, jelly, and a few other items. The light is pink.

I go to the room to towel down and she continues her wash. When I am dry, I move over to the armchair and await her arrival. She kneels down and begins to fell my upper body with the tips of her fingers, arousing me. Then she licks and suck my nipples which I have begun to enjoy. I know she likes to have her nipples licked and sucked gently and I do that for a few minutes. I also kiss, gently bite, and lick her earlobes, and kiss her hair. MiMi has a deep crack, enough to take four of my fingers sideways. Making her stand close to me, I feel her butt lightly. Although I am not fully erect, she brings a condom, gently rolls it down my penis, and with a tissue, wipes off the lubricant. She always does this before giving me a blow job.

MiMi has become better at this since I first met her. I like her to take me fully in the mouth and slowly move up and down. This way, the sensation is better than when she licks the penis sideways. Of course, a blow job without a condom is heavenly, but, even if I asked, she would not do that. I detect a high level of sophistication in MiMi when it comes to matters of hygiene and STD. She does not take chances. The blow job, with me on the chair, goes on for more than 5 minutes.

I lie on the bed and she comes over me, kissing the length of my body, gently and soothingly. She again sucks my nipples. I, too, finger hers. She sucks my balls, pulling the skin gently into her mouth. I feel completely at ease. This is what lovemaking should be like. Not "Slam-bang Thank You Maam", but a slow, gentle pace with both partners pleasuring each other.

MiMi straddles me, puts my penis inside her, and begins a gentle up and down glide. Occasionally, she makes a corkscrew movement. The condom is well lubricated and I am enjoying it. Today, I am her first customer. MiMi rarely makes eye contact during sex. After some time, I signal that I would like to change position. She lies down at the edge of the bed so that I could stand when entering her. I have more power in this position.

I move slowly and gently. My penis is not fully erect but I think that MiMi likes it better that way. After a while, I bring her thighs together so that her cunt is tighter. I push, pull and corkscrew. I would like to come but I know it's going to take a while today. MiMi is showing signs of arousal and begins to make rapid movements while making high pitch sounds. She squeezes my chest and we both begin to move faster. I pump harder and harder and I know she is coming. The screams are not as loud as the first time she came with me, but my suspicion is right. She arouses better when my penis is half erect.

After her orgasm, I slow down. I don't enjoy hard thrusts anymore. I push and pull gently and come with a great sensation, MiMi pushing up and giving me all the support to thrust deeper. She begins to thank me, a stream of "Thank you"s and "She she"s coming is sequence. I thank her and tell her she is very good.

I am tired and lie back. MiMi sits on the bed with her back to the wall, gently massaging my upper thighs and lower belly. I don't ask for this but she seems to be at ease with me and massages me every time. I know that time is money for her. After five minutes or so, she helps me off the bed and leads me by hand to the toilet for a wash. I look at the time. It's 12.40.

With a kiss on her cheek and "See you next week", I am off. No commitment, no whining, no hassle.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


In previous posts, I have described my struggle with "erectile dysfunction" which I think is a result of my chronic illness. The viagra helps, but I also did some Internet research and found that some medications I take daily could affect erections. So, after careful research, I stopped taking one tablet. I also began taking 25mg of zinc everyday. Zinc is found in oysters, which are considered an aphrodisiac. I don't like oysters so I take a shortcut with zinc tablets. I added calcium tablets to my intake.

Now, erections occur almost all the time. Sometimes, I even have morning erections without any stimulus. I hadn't see them in years.

Sheung Shui

Sheung Shui, which is very close to the Mainland border, is becoming the hooker capital of Hong Kong's New Territories. Today's SEX141 lists 14 girls there compared to the 3 or 4 it used to list a few months ago. Quite daringly, the girls have begun to advertise at street level. Small fluorescent lights tubes, wrapped in transparent pink paper, now adorn the bottom of the staircases that lead to the girls' rooms. I am not sure if advertising sex is legal in Hong Kong but there isn't any text. Only a light burning during daytime, in a particular color.

Some months ago, I turned into a side street off San Fung Avenue, saw one of these lights and walked up the stairs. The two doors in the landing, just 5 meters apart, led to flats world's apart. One contained a family with children, the other 3 or 4 working girls. The girl who opened the door was probably the most beautiful Chinese woman I have seen. Tall, about 5'7", with a perfect body. I negotiated the price, $400, and she led me into her tiny room. I realized that there were other girls in the flat, not in rooms but in curtained off cubicles. I didn't feel nervous although there had been warnings in chat rooms about more than one girl in a flat.

She showed me the toilet so I washed on my own, walking naked across the flat. I amaze myself sometimes. When I returned, she laid me down on her bed and began to glide along my body, her cunt rubbing against my skin. This was a new experience for me and I wasn't aroused. Frankly, I was somewhat intimidated by her beauty, and also be her size because big girls don't appeal to me. I entered her from the front and, with a limp penis, came soon.

I would have preferred to have just kissed and touched her all over. She was so beautiful.

A fantastic blow job

Surprisingly, this came from my girlfriend. We were traveling out of Hong Kong about 6 months ago and had been together for 3 weeks, with no sex. On the last night, in a very nice hotel room, I first pleasured her and she gave a superb blow job which brought back very happy memories.

More recently, we began to have sex but she complained of a severe headache and I had to stop. So, back to MiMi.